The Digital Titans

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football” — Albert Camus

Football was always near and dear to the hearts of fans from the University of Detroit.  From its mud and blood beginning, it quickly became a popular and important part of the school for students, faculty, and administration, as well as the local community.  As the team evolved, the game went from a rough and tumble brawl to a polished and professional athletic challenge.  Devoted fans ensured a place for football as part of student life until its sad end in 1964.  Along with each game, fans were kept informed about the players names and season statistics through glossy, brightly colored and highly collectable programs and memorabilia.  The Football Programs digital collection offers a glimpse into the history of the Titans, the University of Detroit’s much loved team.

The digital Football Collection offers a way to revisit the time when the pride of the university was reflected in the powerful Titan team.  Scroll through the pages of each program and imagine yourself sitting in the stands among the crush of fans.  To complete the experience, click through some of the audio interviews included with the collection and hear first hand the memories of those who were there on the field, who felt the sting of those days before uniforms were designed with safety and comfort in mind.  It’s easy to be proud once again listening to those who still remember their time on the field.