The Colors of Spring

Ah!  It’s so nice to find the days warming and the sun shining with all its might!  After spending as much time as possible outside in the fresh spring air, you might find yourself musing over something to do.  “I spend too much time in social media,” you might say to yourself. “I need to just soak up the colors of this new season, but how can I do this and still benefit from the social world?” 

Well, one answer may be to spend some time with the art from the Maurice Greenia, Jr. archive. 

When I think of the spring and upcoming summer months, I think of color.  And color usually takes me to the Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collection and the watercolors there.  The image posted here is one of my current favorites.  It offers the shapes and colors of a comic strip without the words … without the comedy.  With this image, the viewer can appreciate the artistry of work that in comic book form some may dismiss as “merely” cartoon. 

This image offers a different perspective, and one that allows the viewer to appreciate the positioning, color, and interaction of shapes within the boxed display. With the right perspective this type of creativity offers a way of identifying an artistry comic book readers might not expect. Seeing with a shifting of perspectives in this way, allows viewers to learn a different way of interpreting their world. This helps improve critical thinking skills, and offers those who appreciate this approach the benefit of learning a new way of understanding the layers of experience that are part of many issues they may encounter both in and out of the classroom.

Spending time with art is beneficial to the person overall: as student, as individual, and as member of a dynamic world. Maurice’s artwork helps balance the academic with the creative nicely.  His work in digital form is a wonderful addition to our archive collection.