Magnets are very Attractive

Did you know that Maurice Greenia, Jr. creates his own refrigerator magnets?  He takes old magnets that are often given away for advertizing or promotions, applies gesso to them, then paints what he feels on top of the gesso.  He’ll often add the name “Maugre” (Maurice’s nom de plume) and the year the particular item was created.  Some magnets depict animals, some people, some just abstract design … but all of them are unique expressions of Maurice’s creativity.  Not only do these look great on your fridge, but with access to any metal, you can fill your home or work space with these great magnetic works of art.

And there are buttons too!  These wearable works of art have gone from mundane to magnificent with just a few colors and brush strokes.  You can often find Maurice wearing one of his own creations.  He’s got enough to wear a different one for every day of the year.

I like the abstract ones with lots of color but there are almost three hundred to choose from in his collection.  The magnets and buttons pictured below are a couple of my favorites.

The Magnet and Pin Collection is just one aspect of Maurice Greenia, Jr.’s archive.  Spending some time in the entire archive is a great way to get to know what this unique urban artist has to offer.


Dark Blue, image 67


Dark Landscape, image 255


Red Figure, image 76