Father Lord Lights Up the Land

The biography of Father Daniel A. Lord included in the “Light Up the Land” digital archive, tells readers that he was born in Chicago in 1888. This year marks the 60th anniversary of his death on January 15, 1955.

Father Lord is known for his remarkable literary and dramatic works, his dedication to his student-based charitable and devotional groups, and his artistic approach to communicating his message to a youthful audience through theater, writing, and music.

In the final paragraph of his article on Father Lord titled Dan Lord, Hollywood Priest published on the America Magazine web site, David J. Endres tells his readers the following:

“Lord’s ability to engage and energize youth was unmatched in his time. He made the truth attractive, spoke frankly about the church’s teachings and imparted his message with youthful enthusiasm. Lord’s legacy to this century, then, is not a call for the church to turn back the clock to a bygone era but to use every means to evangelize zealously in the 21st century.”

The UDM Libraries and Instructional Design Studio’s Digital Collection is pleased to offer Father Lord’s play in digital format.  As the beginning of “Part 1″ explains, this is “…not a film play but the filmed story of a play…”.  We see and hear Father Lord speaking to the audience, along with his interaction with Father Celestin J. Steiner, president of the university at the time.  This offers viewers a rare glimpse into one aspect of life in 1952, along with Father’s Lord’s extraordinary work.  This archive is a unique window into Father Lord’s life, his ideas, and his influence on education at the university during those years.

lightuptheland2Light Up the Land