A Colorful Winter

Winter in Detroit is usually experienced in variations of black and white: the frozen ground holds only a deep layer of snow broken here and there by stick black tree trunks and drab gray buildings.  The sky is often white before settling into its gray descent to early darkness.  Everything sleeps; and it seems all color is drained from the world during the bleak winter months.

Art allows a bridge for the seasons here.  Dynamic color temporarily replaces what nature withholds this time of year.  And one of the best places to find a colorful respite from these drab winter scenes is the Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collection in the Digital Archives.

This week we take a look at Maurice’s collage collection.  What better way to bring together color and seasonal change (two things that don’t usually belong together) than with a collage?   There are 21 items in this collection and each one is a wealth of color, offering viewers a momentary departure from the blank cold of winter and into the creative warmth of a colorful array of pattern for a while.

The introduction to this section of the archive tells us:

“Maurice Greenia, Jr. has long experimented with collage.  He enjoys the medium as a change of pace from drawing and painting.

He draws from a large collection of paper materials in this work.  These include wallpaper sample books, clippings from various sources, old photographs, ticket stubs and other found materials.”