Summertime Colors

When I think of summer, I tend to think of color.  Winter seems so stark and colorless, as if every living thing has become dormant and still.  The black and white of winter has its own beauty, but the spectrum of summer colors seems to draw everyone outside and into the light again.  There’s something about the play of light and colorful new life that feeds the soul and brings out the artist in us all.

Maurice Greenia, Jr., probably knows this feeling well.  Often the urge to express interesting forms on media includes the urge for a colorful expression.  While Maurice’s archive offers some interesting and exciting black and white work, summer is best expressed in his colorful images of the season.

I asked Maurice if he would share some of his favorites that represent summer to him and he sent me several to choose from.  I couldn’t choose!  They were all great.  So I decided to include almost all of his examples here as a unique way to enjoy the activities of the summer months.

From the Paintings Collection, this one is titled “At the Hollow Sea” (image 244):


At the Hollow Sea

From the Magnet and Pin Collection, this one is titled, “Walking on the Beach” (image 198):


Walking on the Beach

From the Index Card Collection, this one is titled, “Picnic” (image 122) (it’s not in color, but the movement of the line seems to the suggest the bright energy of a peaceful summer day) (besides, I just like this one):



From the Color Drawings Collection, this one is titled, “The Old Ball Game” (image 41):


The Old Ball Game

Now if you’re inspired to get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine, you might also be inspired to visit the Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collections digital archive and enjoy the beautiful expressions waiting for you there.