Summer School

So here it is summer.  The winter term has just ended and the fall term seems far away.  Even though the break between these terms is only a couple of months, it can feel like endless freedom to a lot of students.  The choices seem endless regarding how to fill these potentially lazy days.  For students, however, they seem to come down to only a few.  They could be frivolous or practical.

To so many students summer means being outside … and mainly being outside of the classroom. This time could mean vacation trips, bicycle or hiking adventures near home, leisurely days by the pool, parties, tennis, continual recreation or continual resting.

To other students, this time could be spent earning money through summer jobs or taking care of those repair projects around the house they’ve been putting off.  This time could also be spent doing volunteer work, making a difference in the lives of others, helping the community realize a better environment, etc.

To still others, summer offers a way to catch up on course hours by taking summer classes, or honing skills through opportunities for educational growth in areas like Architecture, Engineering, Digital Media, and others through their summer camp programs.

Summer School has been available to students at UDM throughout its history.  Our collection of course catalogs offers insight into the choices students had during the summer months.  The 1934 Summer Session Bulletin below shows that even eighty-one years ago, students had an opportunity to continue their course work during the summer months.  The opportunities weren’t as diverse, but the courses offered were always a great way to stay sharp, keep motivated, and continue learning during days filled with sunshine and fun.