Maurice Greenia Jr. Collections

The origin of the word “collage” is taken from the French word colle, to “paste” or “glue.”  Collage basically means putting things together and “fixing” them in place to form a work of art. defines the word collage as:

“a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theater tickets, and fragments of an envelope [...] an assemblage or occurrence of diverse elements or fragments in unlikely or unexpected juxtaposition.”

Maurice Greenia, Jr., like a lot of artists, enjoys the juxtaposition of unusual things.  And like a lot of artists, he responds to the urge to express this in his art.  The Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collections archive has recently added several new collages to the collection. We invite you to take a few minutes to enjoy the recent additions.