The Varsity News

January 1, 1918, the first publication of the Varsity News appeared on the campus of Detroit College. From the first issue to today (for almost 100 years), the Varsity News has been a very important part of campus life.  It keeps students informed and connected; it offers a bridge between students and faculty activities; and it continues a tradition of providing news to the university community that may not be found any other way.

Over the years the emphasis in reporting has gone from light to heavy to a balance between the two. Most issues of the Varsity News are eight pages long.  Yet, within these few pages, we learn how war affected the student population; how the unsettled rumblings of a discontented youth movement were felt on this campus; how the quirky and mysterious were discovered within the halls and buildings across the university; the raising of the new and the razing of the old; the things that gave us joy and those that caused us pain; the things that made us think, and the things that made us laugh. These things were all there in the pages of the Varsity News, and available still within the Varsity News archive.

We invite you to spend some time in the Varsity News digital archive. This is part of your university experience, and something you can be proud to share.