Print Theses Bibliography Now Available

Writing a thesis can be a daunting task.  A lot of emotional blood, sweat, and sometimes tears goes into the process.  The immense dedication, often enormous amounts of independent research, late nights and weekends spent on this is not only inspiring but amazing.  And then what?  Often the value in this achievement is not the finished work but the benefit to others that follows.

The culmination of all the knowledge and learning received during a student’s time at the university is laid before a panel of brilliant professors to be read and judged, and a lot of them are shared with the library. A good many of these have been digitized and submitted to our library database accessed through our Special Collections page.

But did you know that the library also holds 8,000 print theses in our lower level?

This month, we introduce a new section of our Special Collections page where users can easily find the call numbers and location of any of these print theses by searching through an easy to use digital bibliography. Searches can be made by author, degree, program, year, or title.  It’s really worth a look, even if you aren’t doing research.

In the introduction to the Print Thesis Collection, users are reminded that:

“If you are the author of one of these works and are interested in having it digitized and made available via UDMs digital theses collection, please contact the Associate Dean for Instructional Technology (1-313-578-0579, UDM Libraries and Instructional Design Studio would be happy to digitize your work and return the print copy to you.”