1988 and 1992 Digitized Tower Yearbooks Now Available

This month UDM Libraries/Instructional Design Studio is pleased to announce the release of the 1988 and 1992 Tower Yearbooks into the digital archives.  We are also making available the 1990 through 1992 digitized Dental School yearbooks.  The release of the two digitized Tower Yearbooks marks the end of that collection.  Additional Dental School yearbooks will be added every two months until that collection is also complete and up to date.

The final two yearbooks put a very personal face on the students and the times.  Although it doesn’t seem that long ago, looking back on those days through the pages of these final yearbooks allows the viewer an intimate look at how different the fashion, the state of the world, and even the campus itself was back then.  You might see some familiar faces in these glossy pages; and you might gain some insight into how the past creates the future.  They may look different, but students were basically the same then as they are now: fun loving, intelligent, and eager for “great things.”

Robert A. Mitchell, SJ gave the farewell speech that year (1988) at Commencement.  His words spoken so long ago, still seem to apply; still seem to ring true.

1988 Tower Yearbook image 22

To view this and other digital collections, please visit the “Special Collections” link on the Library home page.