95 Years Ago

Close to ninety five years ago on January 1, 1918, the first Varsity News newspaper was published.  This first headline read, “Varsity News Begins Career” and offered its readers enthusiastic reports of the booming economy, new university courses, tidbits about the happenings on campus, and the usual list of advertisers.  This newly release chronicle was a sign of the times, a fresh expression of news and information, and a slick example of the technological advances of the day.  Before the debut of the Varsity News, however, the focus of communication for the students and faculty of Detroit College was a literary one.

The first ever issue of a news publication for the school introduced The Tamarack in April, 1897.  This issue began with a poem of the same name, foreshadowing the direction of the issues to come.  The first page of this monthly offering featured a “Salutatory” welcome from the editors.  The pages that followed included poetry and essays along with a flowery overview of the 1896 “Foot Ball” and “Base Ball” seasons.  Reading through the monthly issues for this first year provides a rare glimpse into the history of the university as well as into the history of Detroit itself.

This post offers a teaser glimpse into our new Tamarack archive that will be making its debut in October. We will be making an official announcement when this interesting archive will be available.

The Tamarack, April 1897