YET — Sidewalk Art

Today is “All Hallows Eve,” a day of symbols and images.  Pumpkins, Jack O’ Lanterns, ghosts, skeletons, and scary colorful things decorate yards, streets, and buildings everywhere.  And, for most of us,  when we think of Halloween, we think of “craft” in this way.  We carve pumpkins, we construct spooky masks, we cut out scary shapes to display in windows all to ward off the gloom of this one holiday from fearful stuff.  Tonight, kids dressed as creative imaginary creatures and goblins spill out into the streets in their never-ending search for sweets and mischief.

Maurice Greenia is way ahead of this creative celebration!  He’s been adding unique and colorful images to the art scene in Detroit for years. His YET sidewalk art contribution isn’t craft, it’s an artistic expression that spills out into (and onto) the downtown streets of this city even when Halloween is a distant memory.  These street images are whimsical, not scary, and offered simply with chalk and enthusiasm.

We invite you to spend your Halloween scrolling through some creative street art, along with the other collections from Maurice’s prolific artistic expression.  Recently he’s added to his Magnets and Pins, Index Cards, and Black and White Drawings Collections.  You can always find something interesting in this archive.

And unlike their ghostly counterparts that disappear from the streets once Halloween comes to an end, Maurice’s work (we’re proud to say) finds a permanent home in our digital archive to be enjoyed year round.  Luckily for us, we have saved in digital form what is no longer available on the sidewalk in chalky ephemera.  This is the perfect day to escape the goblins and ghosts and spend some time with this amazing and important work.  We hope to keep it here for you … for eternity.

Skeleton — Image 91, YET Collection

Skeleton (close-up) — Image 92, YET Collection