Mercy College Student Newspaper Archive

From October, 1941 through April 1989, Mercy College of Detroit offered its academic population news and information through the publication of a bi-weekly newspaper. Although the name of the newspaper changed a couple of times since it first began, the publication continued through the 1988-89 school year. Each issue has been preserved in this archive to offer readers an intimate view of life at Mercy College, and the evolution of its academic dedication to Catherine McAuley’s initial vision.

The University of Detroit Mercy Library/Instructional Design Studio is proud to introduce you to our newest collection, the Mercy College Student Newspapers archive. Through this collection, we offer visitors a student’s perspective of life on and off campus during its years of publication. Reading through each issue is a great way to travel through time and discover a bit of the history of Mercy College from its beginning to the last day of its final classes. This archive offers a wonderful complement to the wealth of information found in our other digital archives.

The stories, commentary, and photographs found within these pages are likely not to be found in any other publication. This helps make the archive a rare window into a time that only exists now in the memories of those who were there.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit and discover the value of this unique collection.