Catalogs Offer More than just Class Listings

Here’s a thought puzzle:  You are working on a research paper or book about the university in the 1940s and you need quick access to some basic statistical information.  You might have questions about the G. I. Bill for returning veterans.  Or maybe your question is about accreditation during this time; or the number of volumes the library had on January 1, 1949; or even the location on campus where the evening division office was located in the early 1940s.  (And what the heck is “accreditation” all about anyway?)

This diverse information could be found a number of places (you might have started with Google, for example).  But faced with the potential of weeding through too many hits and too many sources to really pin down what you’re looking for can be pretty daunting.

So, what do you do?

Well, here’s one solution: find the answers to all of these questions quickly and easily in the Bulletins for these years in our digital collections!

Shown here are two pages from the 1949 evening division bulletin.  This isn’t the only year offering information like this, but it’s a great place to start.  You might be surprised to discover that bulletins and catalogs offer more than just course listings.

bulundeve_1949_0025-2 bulundeve_1949_0026-2