Mercy College

Mercy College, once located at 8200 West Outer Drive, opened its doors to the first class of eager students on September 8, 1941.  October of that year marked the first issue of Outer Echoes, the school newspaper.  Frequent visitors to our digital archives know by now that our Mercy College Student Newspapers collection contains a wealth of history within its issues from October, 1941 through April, 1989.  Our Tower Yearbook collection fills in the history of the school after this time as Mercy College merged with the University of Detroit in 1991.  And for an in depth look at the early history of Mercy College (1941 to 1966), the University Histories collection is a great place to spend some time.

One unique way to learn about the history of any college or university, however, is through researching the institution’s Catalogs and Bulletins.  The Mercy College Bulletins available in our Course Catalogs and Bulletins collection offer a special footprint of the school’s path through time from a student’s perspective.  Recollections of the campus and campus life are rounded out within these pages.  These memories speak to the reason for students being there in the first place: the quality coursework and superb education the college offered.

And in this collection it’s not just the course names, dates, and times that help jar the memory of the place.  There are photos and documented rules and student directives in these bulletins that are guaranteed to provide a former student with an informed journey down memory lane to a long ago campus on Outer Drive.