Light Up the Land

Father Daniel A. Lord‘s love of theater and music started in early childhood and never really left him.  Throughout his life, he expressed this love through creating performances, composing, and writing. His final legacy is reflected in his 1952 musical, “Light Up the Land”.

The UDM Libraries/Instructional Design Studio is pleased to announce the addition of the digitized version of “Light Up the Land” to our Digital Archives. The collection includes the digitized musical (offered in two parts), along with the production program and a biography of Father Lord.

The introduction to the archive provides the following details about the musical:

“‘Light Up the Land’ was presented as part of the 75th anniversary of the University of Detroit in November 1952. The story is about the history and value of education in an American democracy. It starts out with a young couple thinking about leaving school to get married believing that education is a waste of time. A kindly professor guides them through the history of education and how democracy played a role, from the time of Moses, the City of Athens during the Golden Age, the American Revolution, and other eras up to modern America.”

Visit the Light Up the Land archive and see for yourself what an amazing gift of creativity this is.