War and Graduation

In 1943 as the United States felt the financial pressures of supporting the war effort during WWII, the University of Detroit had to make some serious choices regarding funding. So many graduates during this time were going from the academic classrooms into a war torn world, it seemed vitally important to acknowledge their accomplishments. As the war likely occupied the thoughts of all in attendance that graduation day, the entire university faced an uncertain yet hopeful future.

In a sense, the 1943 yearbook foreshadowed the hardships faced by a lot of institutions of higher learning during this time. The University pledged its support of the war effort and provided a place for military training and organizations. One of the first pages in the Tower Yearbook for 1943 honored those former students who had already given their lives in service to their country. Soon, these new graduates would likely be drafted into what was believed to be a holy cause.

Yet the 1943 Tower Yearbook would be the last published until 1947. This break in publication would not happen again until the final days of the Tower.

1943 Tower Yearbook

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