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Introducing the Varsity News Collection

The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries / Instructional Design Studio are pleased to announce the Varsity News Collection. Spanning the student-run newspaper’s full 95 year history, this near-complete collection (over a thousand issues and counting) provides a unique perspective on the history of both the University and the metro-Detroit area.

If you have a few minutes, check out the collection. But be forewarned: each issue is fascinating, filled with interesting stories that give glimpses into the lives of students and the life of the institution. You may look up to find hours have passed.

Welcome to the Digital Special Collections blog

The University archives are home to a wealth of information about the history of the University, the metro-Detroit area, the state, even the nation. For more than a decade now, the University Libraries and the Instructional Design Studio have been digitizing collections from the archives and making them available to the world through the Special Collections page on the Re:Search portal.

In the future we will be using this space to explore the collections that can be found in our digital special collections. For those who are interested, we’ll talk a little about the digitization process – the nuts and bolts of how we scan, select and apply metadata, and make these digital collections available to the public. But mostly we’ll highlight interesting tidbits from the collections themselves, focusing on the stories these pages and pictures tell. Think of these as stepping-off points,

Our unique online offerings are constantly growing. Many of our existing collections continue to expand long after their release, and a number of exciting new collections will be coming online over the next few months. We’ll be using this space to highlight these additions as well, letting you know when something new has been added.

Sound interesting? Keep your eyes on this space (and perhaps subscribe to our RSS feed) for more.