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Love and Freedom

This month we celebrate two of the most valued aspects of human existence: love and freedom. Valentine’s Day (observed in remembrance of St. Valentine) focuses our collective attention on romantic love. We traditionally celebrate this holiday on February 14, by offering those dearest to us acts of love and devotion usually in the form of something sweet and beautiful: candy, flowers, poetry, sentimental cards, etc.

February is also Black History Month. This month is filled with events that recognize the contributions both powerful and inspirational of people of African descent. From its humble beginnings in 1915 (50 years after the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment officially ended slavery in this country), this formal recognition has evolved to include a strong focus on historic people and events; lectures, group celebrations, and an increased awareness of the evolution of the American identity.

The following story from the Black Abolitionist Archive is our contribution to this celebration of love and freedom....